Be the best Mom you can be. Reclaim your body, spirit, and energy through our empowering classes, one-on-one sessions, and semi-private sessions.

There is a time and place for the simplicity of movement to inspire greater clarity, change, and balance.

Begin healing from:

  • Diastasis
  • Pelvic Pain
  • Pelvic Floor Weakness
  • Extreme Fatigue
  • Feeling “Out of Your Body”


Charlotte Blake

Wellness and Fitness Practitioner
Pre/Post-Natal Personal Trainer
and Pilates Instructor

The most important thing I have to say to every confused and frustrated mother out there is: you are not alone.

I began MamaMoves because of the lack of resources in the post-natal community. In my years as a personal trainer I had met bodyworkers, acupuncturists, and others who specialized in working with pre/post-natal women, but I was not meeting movement-based practitioners.  In April 2008, I was asked to teach a class in Park Slope for new moms.  I quickly learned that the hardest working client is a woman who has just had a baby!  I began interning for a physical therapist and realized how many post-natal women were in pain, frustrated with their bodies, and not getting answers they needed from their doctors.  Many women don’t understand why there is still softness around their belly and haven’t been told they have a diastasis.  Some women are suffering through pelvic pain, pain during sex, leaking when laughing or coughing, or incontinence.  Most new mothers simply want to lose weight and fit into their clothes again, without knowing what to focus on during their workouts.  I realized that many women keep these issues to themselves while not knowing who to turn to.  By the beginning of 2009, I found myself devoting my work to post-natal women and thus, MamaMoves NYC was born.

A woman who feels absolutely comfortable in her body will be able to be a better mother.  MamaMoves offers the information, resources, guidance, and community to help a woman feel like herself again. MamaMoves wants to confront the realities of motherhood while offering the support a woman needs to have a body she loves again.